Our Team

Serving the Central Coast since 1985 with same day service in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Fillmore.

  • Heather

    Heather says that she learns something new every day in her new industry and she enjoys meeting new people. Heather's favorite thing in life is helping others, running Vacation Bible School for her local church, and helping underprivileged children and families. Heather has 7 children with her husband, Fred, and she enjoys biking, camping and riding motorcycles with them. Heather says she dislikes ants, they creep her out and they get into everything.

  • Fred

    Fred has been in the pest industry for 15 years and brings a wealth of knowledge to Escalera Pest Control. He really enjoys talking to people about termites and solving any problems his clients may experience with bugs. Some of Fred's hobbies include dirt bike riding and boating, which he enjoys doing with his 7 children and wife, Heather. Fred's favorite bug to exterminate is a termite because they can cause a lot of damage to your investments.

  • Dylan

    Dylan is fairly new to the pest industry and has been "office boy" since 2018. He works hard every day to finished up his homeschooling lessons and is eagerly learning something new every day while spending his day in the Escalera Pest Control office. One of Dylan's favorite hobbies include riding dirt bikes and he enjoys camping with his family in the desert for most holidays. Dylan says he doesn't really like snails and he always removes them from his sister's garden.

  • Brittany

    Brittany enjoys working in the office, because she gets to spend time with her family while working. Brittany's favorite hobby is organic gardening and eating fresh fruit and vegetables grown in her large garden. Her husband and son also enjoy eating fresh goodies from her garden as well as going to the Santa Barbara Zoo and museums every month. Brittany doesn't like a lot of bugs, because most of them eat her garden, but she loves lady bugs!

  • Marisela

    Marisela has worked in the pest industry for 15 years and enjoys helping customers to become more knowledgeable about termites and pest control. She enjoys the daily interaction with customers and her coworkers. Marisela likes to bbq and take road trips with her 4 children and boyfriend. Some of her favorite hobbies include sleeping, dancing and spending time with her kids. Marisela says she doesn't like bugs and leave exterminating to the professions she works with.

  • Cody

    Cody has been working in the pest control industry for 5 years and he really enjoys the problem solving he experiences on a daily basis. In his free time, Cody enjoys playing video games and board games. Cody says his favorite pest to get rid of is rats, because they can cause extensive damage to your investments.

  • Gonzo

    Gonzo has been working for Escalera Pest Control for 18 years now. He really enjoys his job and loves everything about doing carpentry. Gonzo has a daughter that he enjoys fishing with and hanging out at the beach. Gonzo's least favorite bug is cockroaches.

  • Jake

    Jake has been in the industry for 5 years, He enjoys the inter actions with costumers,  But his favorite thing is  to problem solve, he wants to eliminate  bugs and rodents from your home.

  • Jason

    Jason had been working in the pest industry for 3 years. He came to work for Escalera after leaving one of the big Corporate pest Control companies. He enjoys working in a small family like environment.

  • Jesus

    Jesus has worked in the Pest control industry for over 7 years as a carpenter. He enjoys building and problem solving. No job is too small. On the weekends he enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Zury

    Zury has been working in pest control for over a year and had his start at Escalera Pest Control. He enjoys demolition on the job and driving all around Santa Barbara and Ventura County. In his free time, Zury enjoys playing paintball and visiting the zoo with his son and wife.

  • Manuel

    Manuel has worked in pest control for 13 years and says he enjoys his work, because he gets to build things. Manuel enjoys spending time with his wife and son during his free time.